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On August 12th, 2023, we hosted the 2023 Lakeside Painting Golf Benefit Open at the always beautiful and scenic Evergreen Golf Club in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Held annually in memory of Kerry “Tia” Smith, our Four Man Scramble tournament benefits the many people in Wisconsin impacted by Breast Cancer. The Lakeside golf benefit attracts a fun-loving crowd of family, friends, sponsors, and many other folks who hit the fairway for some fun while contributing to a very important cause. 

As always, the 2023 Golf Benefit Open went beyond golf, featuring a dinner, prize raffle, and other festivities. And this year’s Lakeside Golf Benefit Open was even more of a success than last year. In 2023, we raised $17,050, compared to the 2022 total of $14,289. Next year, we are aiming to increase funds raised to $20,000!

Above: Erica Corriher, a racer sponsored by Lakeside Painting.

Benefitting the Pink Ribbon Riders Foundation

All proceeds will be donated to the “Pink Ribbon Riders Foundation” — a non-profit organization that provides direct financial assistance to both men and women diagnosed with breast cancer. Each year, Pink Ribbon Riders Foundation teams up with the Radar Run Bikini Fund to host the Bikini Snowmobile Radar Run in St. Germain, Wisconsin. Funds raised by the radar run and other events throughout the year are distributed across the state by the Pink Ribbon Riders Assistance Program to people in treatment for breast cancer.

Although the 2023 radar run was canceled due to poor ice conditions, that did not stop the efforts in raising funds. All told, the bikini racers combined raised a little over $101,000. Way to go girls!

The 2024 Bikini Snowmobile Radar Run is scheduled for the second weekend of February 2024. If you want to come up and support the charitable endeavor, please get in contact with us — we’d be happy to share all of the details with you!

We would like to thank all of the sponsors of the 2023 Lakeside Painting Golf Benefit Open. Without your help, none of this would be possible.

And to everyone who participated or contributed in their own way to the Golf Benefit Open, together we can make a difference. No rest till there is a cure!

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