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Tranquil spa by lakeside painting in Milwaukee, WI

After work or during weekend downtime, where do many of us go? To the bathroom for a hot shower or bath to relax, reset, and recharge. 

Lakeside Painting is here for all of your bathroom makeovers and other residential interior painting needs. So, here are some ideas to get you thinking of relaxing, spa-like bathroom transformations. Be sure to check out the gallery of bathroom makeover images below!

Bathroom colors and decor

A bathroom’s colors and decor are really a matter of personal preference. One homeowner might prefer a super modern look with gray or even bright blue paint that pairs well with a white bath and other fixtures, while another homeowner might prefer something more rustic, with a combination of darker hues and wood paneling. 

There are no right or wrong answers. It’s all about your personal taste.

If you want to brainstorm some bathroom makeover ideas, Lakeside Painting can help transform your space. Especially in the long, cold Wisconsin winters, transforming your bathroom space (or powder room, if you like to call it that) can be both uplifting and refreshing!

Create a spa-like atmosphere

If you really want to transform your bathroom, start to think of it like a spa. Pick relaxing colors like white or lighter shades of blue and green. 

Aside from paint, add shelving. Think about the paint color or stain you’d like them to have. Don’t know for sure? Lakeside Painting can help you select the perfect paint or stain for your bathroom shelves and cabinets.  

Also, think about getting bathroom accessories like artwork, a bathtub caddie (for setting things on while bathing), mirrors, and even gold, silver, or bronze accents. A nice collection of towels will also help make your bathroom into a spa-like space, as well as some plants and candles. 

But remember, a relaxing bathroom is also free from clutter. So don’t jam-pack it with too much stuff.  
To get started on your bathroom makeover, contact Lakeside Painting or call us at 262-642-9445 or email us at

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