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Recently we came across a Southeastern Wisconsin bar and were intrigued to see hundreds and hundreds of wine bottle labels used as wallpaper. Now, the entire bar/restaurant wasn’t outfitted in the wine labels—only certain walls. Either way, it was an inspired idea.

So how can you use wine labels as wallpaper for your home or business? Here are a few steps.

Remove the Wine Label

Various methods exist to remove labels. For our purposes, we’ll only consider one.

Take some Goo Be Gone, rub it on the wine label, and place it in a bucket of warm water. Fill the bottle up with warm water to keep it from floating and to warm up the label’s glue from the inside. Soak for a few minutes. Remove from the bucket and take a razor blade to the label, working carefully so as to not cut or tear the paper. Once removed, place the label on some paper towel to dry, patting it a bit to aid in the drying process. If the label curls as it dries, place it in the middle of a big book to flatten it.

Decide on Which Room to Wallpaper With Wine Labels

Two of the best options for this decorative wallcovering technique are the kitchen and bathroom. Naturally, the kitchen would be the best option, as it won’t require an entire wall outfitted with the labels—only those portions underneath or between cabinets and the counter. Bathrooms are also a great option because they are smaller, requiring fewer labels and overall work as a result.

Paste the Labels to the Wall

Once you’ve accumulated enough labels (this may involve asking friends for wine bottles, or asking a bar/restaurant for their recyclables), use wallpaper paste to make the labels adhere to the walls. Once the wall (or a portion of the wall) is covered in the labels, use clear paint to hold it all together.

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