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Concrete floors have come a long way. Thanks to technological advancements, various concrete floor finishes are now available. These finishes not only protect the already durable concrete but also make your concrete floors visually appealing.

Polished concrete finishes are among the preferred concrete floor finishing options for their relatively low cost, ease of installation, hygienic properties, and simple maintenance. Concrete polishing is accomplished by grinding the concrete flooring to achieve proper flatness and aggregate exposure. During the polishing stage, latex-based grout is used to fill in small flaws on the concrete’s surface. This step creates a denser, clearer, and easier to clean finished product.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are very durable. Although they can crack and chip, you have to try pretty hard to get that to happen.

In addition to their durability, polished concrete floors are well-liked for their appearance: their marble-like gloss makes any interior space look both clean and professional. Added textures, stains, and dyes can also give polished concrete floors more character.

The high-gloss of polished concrete flooring lets light reflect well. This allows hotels, hospitals, and other public facilities to exude a clean, bright, and professional appearance. Lighting reflected off of the floor also reduces the need for artificial light, allowing you to reduce your electricity bill significantly.

Furthermore, polished concrete is easy to maintain. Since messy waxes and coatings are not required, the cost and time associated with completing these tasks are diminished. Additionally, while flooring materials such as tile “suffocate” the concrete, polished concrete allows the floor to breathe, eliminating issues such as retained moisture.

Installation of Polished Concrete Flooring

Polishing concrete is kind of like sanding wood. However, while sanding wood is a relatively simple task to tackle, polishing concrete floors requires professional concrete polishing contractors as well as specialized heavy-duty machinery.

Major blemishes in the concrete must be repaired to properly prepare the surface. Once repairs are made, rough grinding makes the concrete ready for final smoothing. A liquid chemical hardener is used to densify the concrete, and now you are ready for the final polish.

Due to the high price tag of necessary equipment and the unique skills needed to complete this undertaking, polishing concrete floors is not a project that should be undertaken by the do-it-yourselfer. Instead, you’ll want to hire a professional concrete floor finishing contractor.

Maintaining Polished Concrete Flooring

As mentioned before, one of the appealing factors about polished concrete flooring is its clean and shiny appearance. However, to keep this appearance, the floors must be regularly and adequately cleaned. Dust, grit, grime, and grease can all accumulate on the ground’s surface, and if they are not regularly cleaned, they degrade the floor’s appearance over time.

Fortunately, cleaning a polished concrete floor is easy. Just dust mop on a regular basis and occasionally use a pH-neutral floor cleaner. Although polished concrete is very smooth, it is not slippery, even when wet.

Let Us Help!

The concept of polished concrete flooring was introduced in the late 1990s and has since been a popular choice in industrial and commercial settings. However, in recent years, it has started gaining ground in the residential sector as well.

And for good reason! Polished concrete flooring is beautiful, easily installed (by professionals), durable, and simple to maintain.

The concrete floor finishing contractors at Lakeside Painting promise to provide exceptional customer service and outstanding results. Our highly skilled professionals will work as quickly as possible without sacrificing our standards of excellence. We will also be available to answer your questions or discuss your project, so give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.

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