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If you’re looking to become a professional painter for commercial and residential properties, you may want to look into an apprenticeship program. It’s the best way to get started in this rewarding and exciting career. There are numerous benefits to choosing this route as long as you work with a great painting company.

Requirements for an Apprenticeship Program

You must meet any basic requirements for applying to an apprenticeship program. If you choose to hire on directly with a Madison company as a painting apprentice, you need to find out what they require. Generally, you must be 18 years old, though that can vary with some programs as long as you have a parent’s permission.

You may need to have your high school diploma or GED. You must be able to handle the physical demands of the job. It can be helpful to take courses in a shop in high school and to do well in math. You’ll need to find a program where you can train as an apprentice painter. You can locate these through labor unions and contractor associations. Contact your Wisconsin labor department for assistance as well. Most of these programs will last three or four years.

Rewards for Enrolling in an Apprenticeship Program

You’ll discover many benefits of becoming an apprentice painter. When you find an apprenticeship program, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the skills to build a solid career. During this time, you’ll get paid a certain percentage of typical journey-level painters for the area. This allows you to earn while you learn.

As a painting apprentice, you’ll learn about all the tools used in the trade and the different types of painting jobs available. You’ll work on commercial and residential properties, interior and exterior projects, and work with specialized jobs. As you get this experience, you can decide if you have a specific area you want to focus on.

One of the toughest aspects of getting a job for anyone just starting out is a lack of experience. By becoming an apprentice to a Milwaukee professional painting company, you will gain several years of experience that you can put on your resume. This will give you an edge when applying for jobs later on. You may even get hired by the company where you completed your apprenticeship.

Working with a First-Rate Painting Company

Perhaps the greatest benefit to becoming an apprentice painter is getting to work with a first-rate Wisconsin painting company. You’ll learn how to work with customers in a professional manner and how to complete a job that exceeds the customer’s expectations.

You’ll be working with a team that can teach you the skills necessary to succeed in this business, whether you choose to work for someone else or start your own business. These skills go beyond how to prep different surfaces and how to repair trim. You’ll learn how to deal with difficult customers or issues with weather, supplies, or other problems outside your control. You’ll discover the art of always being professional, even when you have issues to resolve.

If you want to become a painter, start out as an apprentice and build your skillset. As you partner with a first-class company, you’ll be setting the groundwork for a successful career in this industry. Apply to work at Lakeside here.

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