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Outside view of big home with huge garden area and open sky view

Painting the exterior of your Madison or Appleton home is a big project. You may decide instead to just focus on the fascia and trim to enhance the curb appeal and freshen up the look of your property. While this may seem like a manageable task for you to add to your weekend to-do list, it might be better to hire a professional painting company for the job.

Do You Have the Tools?

Unless you do a lot of painting, you probably won’t have the necessary tools. You need more than just a paintbrush with this job. You’ll need ladders and other equipment to reach the fascia, especially if you live in a two-story home. You’ll also have to get a pressure washer, sanders, air compressor, and more. While you can rent many of these tools, by the time you add up the cost, you could have paid for a professional painter. It can often save time and money to let the pros do the work.

Consider Safety

A professional painter not only has the necessary tools to work in high places, but they also have the experience to stay safe. If your home has a peaked roof or another complicated design, a regular ladder may not work. Professional painting companies have a variety of ladders and safety harnesses so they can work efficiently and safely. While you might think you’re saving money to do the work yourself, just imagine how much it will cost if you fall and break an arm or sprain an ankle. Unless you’re used to working with heights, this might not be the right task for DIY.

Do You Know How to Prep?

Painting a fascia is about more than just putting on a coat of paint. You also have to do the prep work to get the site ready for new paint. You may need to scrape off old paint and sand down the boards. This is time-consuming work which will be much more difficult if you don’t have the tools and experience. Plus, doing this work off the ground makes it even more challenging. You can’t skip this step or the new paint won’t look good. It’s also during the prep stage that painters will find out if the wood has rotted. If it needs to be replaced, they can make the repairs before painting. Your fascia has the important job of preventing water from getting under the roof and around the gutters. It takes a lot of water, which will cause it to rot out over time. To protect the rest of your house, you’ll need to get it replaced when the fascia is compromised. A professional painter will be able to tell when fascia boards need to be replaced. They can do the job as part of the painting project and keep it on target for the estimated completion time. If your fascia needs to be repainted, consider hiring a professional painting company that has experience working with all kinds of properties. It will save you time and money to hire out this task rather than trying to do it yourself.

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