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The app allows users to capture and store colors found on everything from tree and interior space to exteriors and fashion, and then get an instant match to Sherwin-Williams’ color files. The great thing about this app is that someone looking to paint their home or business facility gets a personalized color palette that they can save.

Ever had trouble trying to describe an amazing color you saw somewhere to a painter or interior decorator? And have you ever struggled to find that hue on a color fan deck or another color file? Well, those days are long gone with a new smartphone and tablet app by Sherwin-Williams called ColorSnap® Visualizer. The wonders of technology!

Beyond this, another feature allows users to look at a scene painted in the color captured by the app. The app also allows users to “fine-tune” the color by adjusting lightness, saturation, and hue features. Users can also get RGB values, LRV numbers (light reflectancy), color names, and other detailed color information. And if the color still doesn’t do it for you, the app allows you to search Sherwin-Williams’ library of colors.

The app is available on Apple and Android phones. Which, of course, nearly everyone has, making it very easy to share it with Lakeside Painting for your next painting project.

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