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Red color wall with keyboard painting and yellow sofa with white table

Winter may not seem like the most ideal time to paint a home or business’s interior, but there are several advantages for the astute home or business owner. Below, we discuss several of winter interior painting’s upsides.

Great Deals

Generally, costs on interior paint jobs are lower in the winter than in the summer months. There are a couple of different reasons for this. Summer is ordinarily a busier time for painting companies, so demand drives up prices. And because there isn’t as much painting in the winter months in the Midwest (Wisconsin and Illinois in our case), the cost of paint also drops.

Good Spot on the Calendar

In spring, summer, and fall months it can be hard to find a good spot on a painting contractor’s calendar. You might have to wait a while to get that project completed that you really wanted to be done yesterday. In the winter, customers have better options. If a customer wants it done quickly, like in December, it’s quite a bit easier to schedule. If, however, you want to schedule for February, that’s easy, too.

Faster Drying Times

The summer months are humid. The Midwest’s winter months, however, are not. That means the winter air will dry your interior paint job more quickly than the air in the summer months.

Now, you might pay a bit more on your heating bill because you’re opening a few windows to ventilate and bring that cold, non-humid air in to dry the paint. But you can live with this given the cost savings on the paint job. Also, given that furnaces are on in the winter, the home or business’s hot air will accelerate the drying time of the paint job.

Projects Completed Faster

Yet another great upside to the winter interior paint job is that painters can do their work longer inside than they can when painting exteriors in the summer months. As long as you don’t mind the painters being around the home or business a bit longer as they complete the day’s work, your interior paint job will come to completion that much more quickly.

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