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Safety Painting Work

We do a lot of painting and concrete floor work at industrial facilities in Wisconsin. You might say it’s our bread and butter. Quite often we combine the two disciplines for safety paint on concrete floors, particularly in highly trafficked areas in manufacturing and shipping facilities, as well as parking lots and structures. A lot of times this means we’re painting safety markings, from stop signs to lanes indicating pedestrian or motorized vehicle use. Our longtime foreman Patrick Boyle is a master of this type of work.

Stencil Work

As you can see in the first images in the above slideshow, Boyle’s team regularly applies the “walking man” safety aisle to factory floors, parking structures, and parking lots to provide a safe walk area for pedestrians. The material used stencils that Lakeside Painting made out of plastic and keeps on hand. Then the stencils are placed and painted using safety yellow epoxy.

In the next series of images, Boyle’s team painted a walking track in an unused area of a factory, where ten turns around the track equal one mile. The blue lines were created using acrylic paint.

Stop Sign Stenciling

We also create “Stops” for fork-trucks. In the series of images above, you can see a four-point stop area painted once again with epoxy, which duplicates US Stop signs.

Shipping Area Stenciling

In the image series following the stop signs, LPI created a rectangular box in a factory’s shipping area. Products are placed inside the yellow epoxy rectangular box. Each of these areas is for a specific truckload going to a specific customer or area of customers. The blue and orange areas are for smaller shippers like UPS, FedX, DHL, and USPS. This keeps the shipments organized and running smoothly.

Other Custom Epoxy Stenciling

The following series features another walking man, this one a bit more elaborate. It also features two curved arrows. These yellow epoxy curved arrows are applied in a parking structure to provide traffic direction.

The final photo series shows markings we installed in an international cardboard box company’s facility. They use this same design and color at each of their locations to designate pedestrian walkways, as well as where pedestrians and folk-trucks might cross paths.

Line striping is a common project for the LPI team. To learn more about the process or to see videos from other projects, visit our Safety Aisle Striping Services page.

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