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Painted wall with sofa set

We’re halfway through August and winter will be here before we know it. But don’t worry; Lakeside has found DIY watercolor to be the next “it” interior painting trend. Both the project and its outcome will keep you busy and warm during Wisconsin’s coldest months.

Watercolor gives any room dimension—it’s a fun project and it tells a story. No more stressing or feeling confined about finding one, perfect hew for a room or accent wall. Instead, let water be your guide–it will help you create different shades of color and blend multiple colors.

Another feature of watercolor is it’s kid-friendly; it provides space for crayon and marker disasters that inevitably occur with small children. Watercolor is forgiving and even liberating; a method that allows you to let go of perfection.

According to the blog,, the main materials you need are paint, glaze, a spray water bottle, and towels. Kate suggests mixing the paint and glaze together so the result is a thin and spreadable texture. Once you have applied color to your wall by using a sponge, rag, or brush, spray water on the paint and allow the diluted watercolor to transform and float down the wall. Add more colors if necessary.

Above are photos from the site: and If you would like to learn more about this trend or other interior services Lakeside offers, visit our Residential Interior Painting page.

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