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Empty room with black containers

Recently, Lakeside Painting undertook two factory projects that involved wainscoting. Not traditional wainscoting with wood panels, but simply two different colors of paint to distinguish the bottom from the top part of the walls. We also call this a “two-tone” paint job. In both cases, the wainscoting was chosen to hide the dirt in the darker colors. This is pretty typical in factories.

In the first project, which features dark blue and white paints, Lakeside was called in when our customers wanted to brighten up the factory space, so we helped them pick out a color scheme and then cleaned the wall for them. (Ultimately, this job was painted in phases over three months, and included concrete floor polishing as well.)

We used a dark blue wainscot to distinguish the top from the bottom. In this case, it was single component epoxy from Sherwin-Williams, otherwise known as a plural component. This epoxy comes out of the can and acts like a traditional epoxy in that it is strong, durable, and dries hard. But unlike two-component epoxy, it doesn’t dry within four hours (pot life), hardening the can or gunking up the sprayer. The single-component epoxy hardens through evaporation, not chemical reactions. It’s easier to work with, less expensive, and a good solution for factory walls.

We also used this in another factory job, where our customer called us in a rush, asking us to help them out right away. We fast-tracked the project, applying the single component epoxy in a white and gray wainscot in the space of two weeks.

As you can see in the slideshow above, which shows in-progress work, both projects turned out well. So we, and our customers were very pleased.

Find out more about the epoxy process by heading over to our Epoxy Floor Coating page.

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