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Floor Graphic Painting in Milwaukee, WI
Floor graphic painting for Ever-Green Energy in an MRMC Thermal boiler room.

Many industrial facilities need floor graphics that function as signage for certain areas. Typically, someone prints the graphics, then fixes them to a floor with an adhesive. However, printed floor graphics don’t hold up very well to every day wear and tear. So, for many industrial facilities, floor graphic painting is a much better option.

And floor graphic painting is one of Lakeside’s many industrial flooring services.

Recently, Lakeside Painting painted floor graphics in multiple Ever-Green Energy‘s boiler rooms. Over the last several years, Lakeside Painting has been closely working with Ever-Green Energy to overhaul Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Thermal (MRMC Thermal)—a facility providing steam and chilled water for heating, cooling, and more to the hospitals and other facilities on the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MRMC) campus.

Since Lakeside Painting also installed the epoxy floor system on MRMC Thermal’s concrete floor, we were an obvious choice to apply the painted floor graphics to multiple boiler rooms.

How to Paint Floor Graphics

In the case of Ever-Green’s MRMC Thermal boiler rooms, Lakeside Painting had already installed epoxy floor systems. So, these boiler room floors were ready for painted graphics, which is what we recommend to all of our industrial customers in need of such graphics.

First, Ever-Green’s team designed the graphics and made the stencils. After fixing the graphic stencils to the floor, the Lakeside Painting team applied epoxy paint.

Ever-Green selected red and yellow for its boiler room floor graphics. As a result, this color combination really stands out atop the gray epoxy floor system, giving each boiler room clear, attention-grabbing signage.

Other industrial flooring services

Lakeside Painting offers several other flooring services, including concrete polishing, epoxy floor systems, safety line, floor markings, and more. Check out the Lakeside Painting industrial flooring services for more information.

If your industrial facility’s floors need painting, email us at or reach us by phone at 262-642-9445. We are happy to talk to you about our various flooring services and help you find unique solutions for your industrial facility.

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