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As with every furniture refinishing project, I inspect the piece in detail for damage and missing parts to diagnose any necessary furniture repair. I then ask the customer what their intentions and expectations are. I get in their head, so to speak, trying to understand and get a feel for what they want. Once I’ve achieved an understanding of their desires I can give a cost estimate of the project. It’s all about communication!

Furniture Refinishing Preparation

This dining table needed a complete removal of the existing finish due to the degree of deterioration and the desire to change color. As you can witness from the pictures the piece is in dire need of help.

The finish removal involved: dry-scraping, chemical stripping, and bleaching. Once the finish is removed and allowed to dry it is ready for sanding. A complete sanding with the appropriate grit is essential before beginning the staining process.

Furniture Repair
Applying the Right Finish

This piece required a wood conditioner prior to the staining process; a procedure that alleviates uneven stain absorption. I used a General Finishes water-based dye stain and then sprayed a sanding-sealer followed by two coats of water-based conversion varnish. Sanding in between coats along with vacuuming and tack-ragging is essential to achieve a smooth and luxurious finish. All stains and finishing materials are of a water-base derivative.

furniture refinishing

As you can see from the pictures, this furniture refinishing project was successfully completed by following this procedure. It is imperative to have thorough surface preparation, proper material usage, and the expertise to get the job done right.

I want to thank Joe Pangburn of Lakeside Painting, Inc. to allow me this opportunity to write in his blog. Lakeside Painting, Inc. is the most reputable painting firm in southeastern Wisconsin, whether it is: residential, commercial, or industrial painting–they are the “go-to” guys!

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