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It’s spring, which means all sorts of things for exterior painting and staining projects. But, a big part of the spring is preparing decks and piers for the summer months for homeowners and business owners. Like the spring itself, it’s a time of renewal for decks and piers—a time to clean and revitalize them so they can be enjoyed during the active summer months.

It can be easy to neglect a wooden deck or pier. After a tough fall, winter, and the early rainy spring months, some decks and piers—especially those with bad coatings and treatments—are worse for the wear. And if it’s been several years since the last treatment, it can be even worse. No one, not home or business owners and their guests/customers, wants an unsightly-looking deck or pier.

Before treatment, a good thing to do is talk to paint professional about what kind of look you want. Do you want a new-look treatment or the refinishing of an existing look? This is a good place to start. Maybe you want to see that old stain you love so much updated, not just for the look but to protect the deck from damage like rot. Or maybe you want it painted with a solid color. There are plenty of options available.

Once the ultimate look is settled on, the wooden decks and piers need to be cleaned; and if they happened to be painted, that coating will need to be removed. Another advantage of scheduling the work early for piers is that they probably haven’t been installed yet, so we can work on them on-sight (or back at our staining shop, if necessary) so that they can then quickly be installed.

After the prep work, the staining or painting process can begin. Lakeside Painting has long worked on decks and piers, so our painters are fast, efficient, and clean, and we can have the refinished deck or pier back to working order in no time. But, since a lot of customers, from new to returning ones, request this work in the spring months, it’s important to get on our schedule to ensure your deck or pier looks great for the summer.

To learn more about how we can get your home summer-ready, visit our residential exterior services page.

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