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Polished Concrete and Epoxy Solid Floors

Over many years, Lakeside Painting has installed polished concrete and epoxy solid floors. Generally, while we advise commercial and industrial customers on the best floors for their business facility’s needs, we’ve been doing a lot more work installing polished concrete flooring systems. Recently, Lakeside Painting President Joe Pangburn put together a video that showcases various polished concrete floor and epoxy floor samples, discussing the differences between polished concrete and epoxy floor coatings to give businesses a better idea of what they might want for their floors. (See the video after the jump.)

A bit of background on the project is seen in this video. A couple of years ago a customer asked us to put down various floor samples using various manufacturer’s products so that they could see how they weathered foot and vehicle traffic, as well as cleaning and other maintenance processes over time.

As seen in the video, we installed various systems from different manufacturers with 100% solids epoxy with sand for traction and others with a 100% smooth surface. We also installed a broadcast floor system, one with a clear coat and another without. We followed this with a broadcast system from another company with and without a sealer. We topped this strip of floor off with polished concrete with different sealers.

While the epoxy and broadcast floor systems exhibit various degrees of wear and tear from typical industrial usage, our polished concrete floors really held up well. Not only is the floor’s integrity obviously impressive, but it looks great as well. So, while we’re happy to install a number of flooring systems, we think polished concrete floors are a better bang for your buck.

To learn more about what flooring services we offer, check out our industrial flooring page.

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