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Are you looking for an interesting, challenging, and fun career in southeastern Wisconsin? You might want to consider becoming a professional painter. Painters enjoy their jobs for many reasons. Consider the benefits of becoming a painter if you’re trying to decide on or thinking about switching careers.

More Variety in the Workday

If you’re a person who likes to keep busy but who enjoys doing a diversity of things, you’ll enjoy being a professional painter. There are many options for what kind of painter you could be, whether it’s a commercial painter, residential painter, or industrial painter. With a company like Lakeside Painting, you have the opportunity to work in all areas.

This versatility is something that appeals to painters. One week you could be working with a homeowner to repaint their old home and the next week you could be polishing a cement floor in a warehouse. If one type of project is more intriguing, you know you’ll probably get to do it again.

You Learn New Skills

Painting is a constantly changing industry. New kinds of equipment and updated technology allow you to try different techniques and products. As you discover what works best for your customers, you can help them get the results they want.

In addition to learning about the profession of painting, you can develop other skills. One of the reasons painters decide to become pros is because of the great relationships with customers and the many opportunities to learn how to provide exceptional service. Professionals may become responsible for painting crews and even develop projects from the start. The more skills you learn, the easier it becomes to find a job or promote within the company.

Painting Is Always Relevant

Some jobs come and go, but there will always be a need for painters. Wisconsin businesses don’t have time to do the work themselves, and even most homeowners won’t tackle exterior painting. This is another reason painters enjoy their jobs: job security.

A common misconception is that painting is a summer job and that many painters sit with no work all winter. That’s just not true. New businesses are always starting up and need to paint their stores or offices. Other businesses want to use up the funds in their budgets, so they may start a project in the fall before the end of the year.

Lakeside Painting doesn’t just paint for our customers. We also provide flooring repair and installation as well as maintenance. If a business’s off-season is during the winter, they may decide that winter is the best time to work on certain projects. When you work with an established company, you don’t have to worry about having steady work. There are always projects on the schedule with new ones on the horizon.

Becoming a professional painter is an enticing career choice for people who want to work with their hands and have a job that is relevant and versatile. Consider coming to work with Lakeside Painting for a rewarding career that you will continue to enjoy. Check out our job openings today.

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