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Almost anyone can slap a coat of paint on a wall, but someone with natural talent can do even more. A natural painter can recommend the right shades and types of paint to make a home or business look good. You may be wondering if a painting career is the right choice for you. Here are seven qualities that you’ll find in the best painters.

  1. An Eye for Color

It’s about more than simply what shades make a room look bigger or smaller, or which colors work best together. A painter instinctively knows which shades will make a room stand out. If this doesn’t come naturally, a painter can learn about colors and their relationship to each other. This is an important characteristic for a professional painter since customers often ask for suggestions to get the results they want.

  1. Attention to Detail

A commercial or residential painter must have a good eye for detail. They will need to do inspections and determine if a building needs repair before painting. This involves looking for tears, worn areas, or lose boards and siding. Repair work is an important part of the exterior and interior painting.

  1. Good Communicator

A professional painter constantly works with customers, so they need to be able to relay information and communicate updates. Good communication skills are a must when it comes to making customers happy. The painter will often need to answer questions or handle concerns throughout the project.

  1. Good Time Management Skills

Painting projects come with deadlines and a painting pro must be able to manage their time to keep the work on track. Delays happen and the painter should be able to rearrange tasks so that the project still gets completed as expected.

  1. Problem Solver

No matter how careful you are at organizing a project or managing it day to day, problems arise. How good you are at solving those problems will have a big impact on whether customers contact you for repeat work. A professional painter must be able to think on their feet to deal with issues as they arise. This might involve contacting a supervisor, but other times the painter must resolve the situation on their own.

  1. Team Player

Most residential and commercial painting jobs take a team. Each person has a job to do and it takes the whole team to make things work smoothly. A painter must know how to work with others and work to make everyone successful.

  1. Reliable

One more characteristic of a professional painter is their ability to show up to work on time. They should be on the Jobsite at the time they tell the customer or their manager. A reliable painter has steady work and will be called on again and again for new projects.

If these characteristics of a natural painter sound like you, consider making Lakeside Painting your career choice. We are looking for people who exhibit these qualities in southeastern Wisconsin, so check out the available jobs and apply today.

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