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Lakeside Painting’s foreman, Paul Pausch, and his crew prepped the exterior of a home—first by chemically treating mildew, power-washing and hand-scraping the siding, and removing/replacing loose caulk and spot priming in necessary areas.

The project required a lift due to the chimney height and the front gables. Lifts are used for the safety of the crew and are cost-effective in terms of labor for the homeowner.

The front wood-stained entry door showed signs of excessive black mildew. Paul cleaned the door with mildew cleaner then refreshed the door and porch ceiling using Sherwin Williams Deckscapes™; an exterior waterborne semi-transparent stain.

Next, the team applied two coats of Sherwin Williams Resilience™ Exterior Acrylic Latex. The homeowners chose to change the main home color to Sherwin Williams Felted Wool. However, LPI matched the existing color, Sherwin Williams Anonymous Gray on the cedar shake gables and the shake and siding on the overhang front porch. All trim and deck rails were matched using Sherwin Williams Shoji White.

Maintaining the exterior painting of your home protects your investment, enhances the neighborhood, and brings a smile to your face. If you are in a need of similar work at your home or business contact us at:

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