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Everyone likes the idea of painting. The dirty overalls, the smell of fresh paint, the feeling of accomplishment. In theory, it sounds great; however, the reality of painting is not so colorful (pun intended). Painting by hand can be a drag. It is messy, takes a long time, and is physically exhausting.

Lakeside Painting’s professionals are equipped with the knowledge and the commercial painting equipment to ensure that your job is done right the first time around. Thanks to modern machinery, we can precisely complete painting projects in record time at a fraction of the cost. Here are four benefits of professional machinery painting.

#1 Painting with professional machinery yields faster work.

The most obvious reason for using professional machinery is the fact that one can perform more work in less time. Imagine painting a cathedral or an office building by hand. You’d be there forever! Our professional painters use various pieces of equipment to help them get the job done quicker.

#2 It also provides more accurate work.

Humans make mistakes. While machines can make mistakes as well, it is less likely to occur. Painting is a very methodical process. There are systematic ways of applying paint, and any deviation from that pattern is sure to show in the finished product. You can’t use a roller in one section, upstrokes from a brush in another, and downstrokes in the next and expect it not to show. Professional machinery painting ensures that the work is done accurately and evenly to yield optimum results.

#3 Professional equipment makes painting more affordable.

The advent of professional machinery has made painting more affordable. In times past, painting contractors had to paint everything by hand. Not only is this time-consuming, but it is also physically straining. Today, painting is a lot easier. That means that savings can be passed on to the customer.

#4 Less waste is generated using professional machinery.

The professionals at Lakeside regularly use airless spray systems when providing painting services. One of the benefits of this type of machine is that it produces less material waste. Traditional air spray systems create a significant amount of overspray. This is highly wasteful, as much of the paint is lost instead of applied onto the surface. Airless spray systems hydraulically atomize the paint without using air. This minimizes overspray which reduces the amount of generated waste.

Thanks to modern technology, painting projects are now a breeze. Let the professionals at Lakeside tackle yours. We offer commercial, residential, and industrial paint services in Wisconsin and select Midwest cities. We’re eager to hear from you, so give us a call today.

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