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Also known as “drop dry paint,” dry fall paint contains additives that allow it to dry quickly. Similarly, since overspray dries rapidly as well, excess paint can just be swept away. For this reason, dry fall painting is one of the preferred methods in commercial and industrial settings. Besides its fast-drying properties, there are many other advantages of dry fall painting.

Dry fall paints are available in acrylic, alkyd, and epoxy formulations. Compared to traditional commercial spray painting, which requires a lot more preparation and cleanup, dry fall paint is a much more attractive choice.

1 Dry Fall Paint Is Quick to Apply

Dry fall paint coverage can be applied quickly, and it dries fast. This makes it one of the best industrial paint coatings. A ceiling can be painted overnight without affecting regular hours of operation at your facility.

2 Dry Fall Paint Is Mess-Free

As mentioned before, dry fall paint dries extremely rapidly. It contains additives that make the paint dry before it even touches the ground (it has to fall from a space of about ten feet or more). After the painting project is complete, you can just vacuum or sweep away the excess paint.

3 Dry Fall Paint Is Practically Odor-Free

Under typical conditions, dry fall paint is virtually odorless. It can be applied overnight, posing little to no interruption to business as usual.

4 Little to No Preparation Is Required

Since dry fall paint dries as it falls, it is not necessary to cover the surrounding area. In an industrial setting, such as an automobile manufacturing plant, covering each vehicle could be costly and time-consuming. Using dry fall paint would eliminate the need for preparation.

5 Dry Fall Paint Reflects Light Very Well

Dry fall paint is highly reflective. This means that illuminating your facility will require fewer light fixtures and less wattage. The brightness also makes for a cleaner, more open environment.

Dry fall paint is the perfect option for commercial and industrial settings. It is fast-drying and requires very little setup. The application is quick and easy, and the paint is practically odorless. As if all of this were not enough to convince you of the many advantages of dry fall painting, minimal cleanup is required. Since the paint dries as it falls, all you have to do is vacuum or sweep away overspray. For all of these reasons, dry fall paint is the ideal option for both industrial and commercial settings.

The expert painting contractors at Lakeside specialize in dry fall painting. We also offer our customers an exceptional labor and material guarantee. Give us the opportunity to earn your business with excellent service from one of our professional painters. Give us a call, or fill out our form to request a free estimate.

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