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With a new year comes many good new changes at Lakeside Painting. 

After 45 years, Joe Pangburn, Lakeside Painting’s founder, president, and CEO, is moving out of the company’s day-to-day operations. Joe will stay on as CEO and Director of Marketing, and will also play a role in the company’s finances and as a consultant, offering his painting and flooring expertise as needed. 

New General Manager role
Sandy Halken, Office Manager in Milwaukee, WI

Joe is passing the baton on to longtime employee Jerry Garlock, who will be moving into a General Manager and Head of Sales role. 

Jerry has been with the company for 30 years. He started fresh as a rookie painter, worked himself into a foreman role, then up into a sales position. More recently, Jerry has been an integral part of Lakeside Painting’s Management Team (more on this below), priming him for his transition into General Manager. 

Going forward, Jerry Garlock and Lakeside’s Management Team will be your point of contacts for all your painting and flooring needs for industrial, commercial, and residential projects. So, if you need anything, Jerry’s your guy and will help guide your business or home project to completion.

A goodbye to Sandy, our longest tenured employee
Jerry Garlock, General Manager in Milwaukee, WI

Sandy Halken, our Office Manager and Bookkeeper, is retiring in March. While we’re sad to see her go, we’re also extremely excited as she moves to the next step in her life.

As Lakeside’s longest tenured employee, Sandy helped Joe build Lakeside Painting and run the day-to-day for almost 40 years. Sandy has been there from when Lakeside Painting was just Joe and his former business partner, and was there to help it grew into the successful business it is today.

Sandy’s help has been instrumental in the company’s success, and she has always been a trusted and integral employee in all respects.

We will miss her!

Lakeside Painting’s Management Team

For the last 5 years, Joe has been building a Management Team to run Lakeside Painting’s day-to-day operations in his absence. 

Jerry Garlock — General Manager and Head of Sales

As General Manager, Jerry Garlock will oversee industrial, commercial, and residential projects, as well as other day-to-day details.  

Paul Pausch — Operations Manager and Director of Safety

Paul has been at Lakeside Painting for over 20 years. He started as a rookie painter new to the trade, worked his way up to foreman, and later transitioned into his current role. As Operations Manager, Paul has his finger on the pulse of all things happening at Lakeside, and is a great point of contact for customers. 

Patrick Boyle – Superintendent of Painting & Flooring

Patrick Boyle has also been at Lakeside Painting for around 30 years. Patrick’s experience in painting and flooring for industrial, commercial, and residential is an incredible asset to the company. 

Susan Smith — Bookkeeper 

Hand-picked and trained by Sandy, Susan TK is Lakeside Painting’s bookkeeper. Aside from Lakeside’s finances, Susan will help with the day-to-day at Lakeside Painting through her role on the Management Team. 

Lakeside Painting changes headquarters 

You may not know it, but last year Lakeside Painting moved from East Troy, Wisconsin—where the company had been based for 40 years—to the neighboring town of Eagle. In doing so, Lakeside Painting consolidated two company facilities into a single, much larger headquarters. 

The company now occupies a 11,000-square foot facility that can accommodate all of Lakeside Painting’s industrial, commercial, and residential operations for painting and flooring. 

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