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Bedroom Painting in Milwaukee, WI

It’s winter here in Wisconsin, and that means we’re all very cold. At least when we’re outside. Brrrr! During winter, our homes are our cozy sanctuaries of warmth and comfort. The Danish people even have a word for this: “Hygge”, which means being content in getting cozy during the winter.

Now, we could talk about giving your entire home that Hygge vibe, but for the purposes of this blog we’ll stick to bedrooms. While we’re here to talk about using paint to make your bedroom warm, inviting, and soothing, we’ll also share a few other interior design ideas.

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Soft, soothing paint colors
Interior Painting Service in Milwaukee, WI
Photo by Timothy Buck on Unsplash

One way of creating a comforting space is by using soft and soothing colors. The moment you enter a room painted with these colors, you’ll just feel instantly better.

Think about using lighter hues of blues and greens. Another great color for this look is a cream hue.

The “Rustic Look”
Rustic Bedroom Paint Colors in Milwaukee, WI

The opposite approach would be to go for a “Rustic” or “Lived-In” look. This natural look is all about cozy, calming ambience. There are a variety of ways to create a rustic interior, but often it can include wood accents, exposed brick (if your home has it), and paint that can vary between dark and light hues.

For darker hues, consider earth tones or forest tones. These would be woodsy greens and earthy or deep, warm reds. On the lighter side, think about using creams or colors that evoke the look of stones and rocks. For any wood accents, you can keep it looking organic with a natural stain, or you can use a darker stain to give it the finish of a northwoods cabin.

Other comfy bedroom ideas
Comfy Bedroom Ideas in Milwaukee, WI
Photo by Lissete Laverde on Unsplash

While paints are powerful tools in creating a warm and comforting bedroom, don’t stop there. Consider changing the lighting in your bedroom, so that instead of bright lights you have softer, warmer ambience. Hygge is also about getting layers of comforting bedding and pillows, so think about a bed makeover too!

And lastly, fill your bedroom with some of your favorite possessions and some plants but make sure to reduce clutter. All of this together will make for a calm, warm, and inviting sanctuary during the winter months and the rest of the year!

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