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Often, when we think of metal siding, it’s corrugated metal or flat panels on barns, warehouses, and the like. But in the last several years, metal siding—or facades/cladding—has become a great choice for giving a home exterior either a modernist design aesthetic or a rather rustic one. Some of these houses are fully metal, while many more are a combination of metal and wood. Some feature bare metal, while others are painted.

Why Metal Siding?

Quite apart from enhancing an exterior home or business’s look, metal siding is an alternative to brick, wood, vinyl, and composite materials. In fact, it’s actually a really great choice for a structure’s exterior, as it will certainly last longer than vinyl siding, and is more resilient than wood.

Types of Metal Siding

There are two main types of metal siding used in the manufacture of siding: aluminum and steel. But, one could also use copper and zinc as alternatives.

Aluminum, which is cheaper, lighter, and highly durable, comes in a variety of styles and textures. It’s also green building material, non-toxic, and recyclable. Steel is incredibly durable, but comes in fewer styles and is a bit more expensive. And while steel is stronger than aluminum, and resists damage more effectively, it can also rust if not properly treated with processes like galvanizing, electroplating, or paint.

As far as design is concerned, there are plenty of options with steel and aluminum. One could outfit an entire house, for instance, in one of these metals. And, as we hinted at above, one could combine in very modernist and attractive ways with brick or wood, which has been the trend in recent years. Combining metal and other siding materials can create a wide array of architectural looks that are unique and will certainly stand out, whether one wants a more rustic appearance or a very contemporary look.

Painting Metal Exteriors

Treating metal with protective metals like aluminum and alloys is certainly a good option. But, if you want more aesthetic flexibility (apart from the texture and patterns of the metal), paint is a great option. Lakeside Painting has a great deal of experience painting metal, including wall facades and cladding, for home and business exteriors.

The process of painting metal is similar to other siding materials. Aluminum doesn’t require a primer, but it’s a good idea to apply one anyway. The same with metal siding. Application of paint could be done with either a roller or spray system, though the latter is probably the better option in order to achieve an even finish and uniform look.

Again, depending on the color scheme and whether or not the exterior has other materials like masonry or wood, a painted metal facade can be made to look very modern and contemporary, or rustic. And if you’re looking for a combination of both rustic and modern, the right design, color scheme, and paint application can help you achieve that look for your home or business facade.

If your existing home or business’s, or new build’s, metal siding requires a paint job, don’t hesitate to contact Lakeside Painting by phone (262.642.9445) or via email (

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