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Office White Paint in Milwaukee, WI
Green Office

No one wants to work in a drab office interior. Similarly, few want to work in an office space that rarely or never changes appearances. So, whether your office needs a drastic makeover to be more inviting, or you need to mix things up after a few years of stale design, here are some colors to think about when deciding on office paint looks.

Matte Black

Dark colors are sleek and contemporary. Doubly so for dark colors in a matte finish. The Black Matte paint look is all over consumer electronics, cars, and even fashion items. But while it’s common, it’s not so ubiquitous that it seems done to death. Another upside to this color and finish is that it’s chic but also versatile since it will accommodate various types of colors and design elements in office furnishings.

Light Blue-Green

In color psychology, blue is generally known as a productive color, but also a calming one. Think about combining a light blue with a light green. Benjamin Moore has one such light blue-green color, which they call Palladian Blue. It’s light, airy, and would look great in a number of office environments and even retail stores.

Soft Grays

Similar to a light blue-green, a neutral color like a soft gray is a look that doesn’t draw attention to itself. Also much like a light blue-green, a soft gray promotes concentration, while preventing eye fatigue that bolder colors, like a red or even yellow, might trigger.


White has something of a bad rap for being sterile. Well, part of that is bad lighting, and the other part is lazy interior design. But, combined with walls of exposed brick or even walls painted in accent colors, white hues can look great in an office. Like matte black, white walls are crisp, chic, and timeless. Consider combining white paint on walls with black paint on floors and/or support structures, or even entire walls trading off between white and black.

Forest Green

Like the above colors, Forest Green—or any dark green color, for that matter—has a modern chic look, while promoting productivity. But what makes a dark green the dark horse for an office paint makeover is that it brings a touch of nature to the space. And who wouldn’t go for a bit more of a natural atmosphere in the office?

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