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Throughout Wisconsin, and across much of the Midwest, you’ll see a particular type of Swiss Chalet home. You know, those exteriors with white or cream stucco (or a synthetic replica) and brown cedar battens criss-crossing the surface.

Recently, a residential customer in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin asked Lakeside Painting to refresh her home’s exterior. Instead of a new coat of the batten’s existing deep brown color, we painted them a light taupe with a gray hue.

As you can see in the photos below, the result is a refreshing update. It still looks like traditional Swiss Chalet style home exterior, just a bit breezier.

Does your home’s exterior need a refresh? If so, check out the Lakeside Painting Residential Exterior page to see our list of services. Then give either email us at or call us at 262-642-9445.

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