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This summer, a Lakeside Painting painting customer in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin brought our team in to refinish their home’s wood deck. Typically, homeowners ask for wood deck refinishing after years of wear and tear from foot traffic and the elements. This project was no exception.

Check out the photos below for the wood deck’s transformation. Both our customer and our team of painters were pleased with the results!

You can find images of the work below. And here’s the process we followed for this wood deck transformation project—one of Lakeside Painting’s many Residential Exterior services.

Preparing the Wood Deck for refinishing

As with all previously stained/sealed wood decks, we first power-washed the surface. We do this to clean the surface, before following it up by chemically treating any visible mildew. This helps ensure a longer-lasting deck for our customers.

Applying sealer to the Wood Deck

After cleaning and chemically treating the surface, we moved on to coating process. For this we used Rymar Wood Sealer—a high solids and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) flat oil base sealer.

This sealer gives wood decks, or any wooden surface for that matter, a rich, eye-popping, yet semi-transparent finish. It also ensures that decks can stand up to the harsh elements of Wisconsin like heat, humidity, rain, snow, and freezing.

If your Southeastern Wisconsin home’s wood deck needs a new coat of sealer, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation and estimate via or 262-642-9445.

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