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Outside wall of suttle straus

Many commercial and industrial buildings are made of Concrete Block. And for good reason—Concrete Block, or Masonry Block, is one of the affordable, energy-efficient, fire-resistant, and durable building materials on the market. However, as durable as it is, Concrete Block is subject to the elements. That’s where Concrete Block Painting comes in. (See images below for examples of this type of painting.)

In Wisconsin, Masonry Block endure a yearly freeze-thaw cycle. So, if Concrete Block maintenance (cleaning and painting) is ignored, moisture will eventually penetrate the concrete. In time, this will impact its structural integrity, causing cracking, staining, spalling (falling block), and more.

Lakeside Painting’s professional masonry experts offer Concrete Block Painting and Ceaning in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Sun Prairie, and other surrounding areas.

To see how good painted concrete can look, check out Lakeside Painting’s Concrete Block Painting project in Waunakee, Wisconsin.

Preparing Concrete Block Walls for Painting

Concrete Block is composed of Portland Cement, concrete, and aggregate. Certain blocks are notable for their coarseness and grit, which requires careful and thorough preparation. Others block surfaces are smooth and easier to paint.

Before cleaning, Concrete Block walls should be inspected for structural integrity and stability. Any major cracks, gouges, holes, etc. must be repaired prior to painting. The entire surface should also be cleaned with industrial pressure washers to remove dirt, peeling paint, and anything else clinging to the surface.

Painting Masonry Block Walls

“Split-Face” Concrete Block is gravel-like, which means paint will need to be worked into all of its grooves and dips. This will require twice the amount of primer and paint as smooth Concrete Block. Primer is necessary because it fills the surface grooves and neutralizes the block’s high pH.

Acrylic paint is used for Concrete Block, as it usually last longer than oil paint. We also offer Elastomeric paint as another coating option.

Lakeside Painting sprays the acrylic paint, then typically back-rolls and/or brushes the surface to ensure an even application. The back-rolling and brush painting also guarantees a non-porous surface, which helps keep moisture out. Before wrapping up the job, we do a thorough inspection for pores, so our customers don’t have to worry about moisture penetration.

If your Southeastern Wisconsin commercial or industrial building needs Concrete Block painting, contact Lakeside Painting via email at or by phone at 262-642-9445.

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