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Spring Exterior Painting in Milwaukee, WI

Spring is fast approaching. So, now is the perfect time to schedule your spring exterior paint project for that upgrade you’ve been wanting. 

Why is spring—or summer, for that matter—the perfect time to schedule an exterior painting project? As it turns out, there are a number of good reasons. Let’s explore them.

More Dates Available on Lakeside Painting’s Schedule

Right now, Lakeside Painting’s schedule is fairly wide open. As we get closer to spring, our schedule will begin filling up with both residential exterior painting and commercial/industrial exterior painting.

Put another way: by scheduling your spring exterior paint projects now, our new and return customers have a much better chance of getting the spring or summer dates they want for their exterior paint project.

Better Deals on Exterior Paint Projects

Since we’re starting to schedule out several months of spring and summer exterior projects, the customers who schedule projects now also tend to get deals. And who doesn’t love a deal?

Also, when it comes to home or commercial/industrial exteriors, savings matter.

Your Exterior Done Early

Another upside to scheduling now is that your exterior gets done early. This will allow home and business owners to focus their attention on other projects.

Schedule an Estimate

If you’d like to schedule an estimate for your exterior paint project, email us at or call the office at 262-642-9445.

If you’d like to see some of Lakeside Painting’s work, check out residential exterior painting portfolio and commercial exterior painting projects.

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