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With the new year here, Lakeside Painting is happy to announce the launch of a brand new website—a project many months in the making!

The old Lakeside Painting website received regular compliments on its look, functionality, and user experience. But it did get a bit bloated with web pages and errors over the last decade.

Lakeside Painting’s new website fixes these issues, thanks to our friends at Reach Local. While the functionality is much improved, the new website shares some of the old one’s style.

When visiting the new Lakeside website, you’ll notice a much better homepage. This and a new navigation menu make it far easier for you to find the answers to your Painting and Flooring questions.

New Features

Commercial and Industrial now exist on a single service page, with each service getting its own dedicated page. Each Commercial/Industrial service is also listed in the Commercial/Industrial folder in the Lakeside homepage’s navigation menu.

Flooring now has its own dedicated service page. However, flooring services can also be found under the Commercial/Industrial and Residential drop-down menus, and on each of their service pages. This will make it easier to find the exact flooring service information you need.

Residential has, as before, its own service page where each service is detailed. You can also find these services listed in the Residential folder in the Lakeside homepage’s navigation menu.

Under Portfolio, you can find a Photo & Video page, which is also located on the homepage’s navigation menu. It’s a great hub for Lakeside project photos and videos.

Lakeside’s Careers page also gets a much needed makeover, making it easier to kickstart a career in painting, flooring, and company leadership.

Once again, Happy New Year! We wish you the best in the coming year. Please reach out to us with any Painting or Floor questions.

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