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Concrete Floor Polishing in Milwaukee, WI

Concrete Floor Polishing is one of Lakeside Painting’s most requested services in our Commercial & Industrial division. Recently, we polished a concrete floor at Summerset Marine Construction‘s new Madison pier manufacturing facility.

Polishing 4,100-square foot manufacturing space’s concrete floor unfolded in several stages. First, we ground the existing coatings and adhesives off with a diamond grinder. Next, we saw cut joints and cracks, and installed semi-rapid curing polyuria to fill the spaces. We also patched holes and any other concrete damage.

After grinding the concrete floor, we applied one coat of Latex-based Grout, followed by one coat of a Hardener/Densifier. In addition, to protect the newly polished concrete, we applied one coat of Oil & Salt Resistant Penetrating Sealer.

Check out the images below to see the results. And if your commercial or industrial manufacturing space’s concrete floors require polishing, email us at or call us at 262-642-9445.

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