7 Commercial Spaces that Benefit from Full-Service Maintenance

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

As a Wisconsin business owner or manager, you know that your commercial space must reflect your brand and vision. You must also ensure that the area is well-maintained for the integrity of the building, safety of the employees, and convenience of the customers. Whether you need waterproofing, corrosion control, machinery painting, or any of a list of maintenance tasks taken care of, the following seven commercial spaces should take advantage of full-service maintenance.


Second only to the quality of the food provided is the atmosphere of a restaurant to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether your eatery focuses on fine dining or a family environment, you want it to look clean and well-kept. Fresh paint on the walls and polished floors will go a long way in impressing your customers even before they take a bite of the food.


Milwaukee Hotels are unique in offering many services under one roof. Besides the rooms for guests, there are restaurants, bars, salons, shops, and business areas. Each unique area must feature a design which is cohesive to the hotel as a whole. At the same time, all work must be done while the hotel is accepting guests. If the hotel is part of a chain, it must follow specific guidelines for consistency to the brand.

Auto Dealerships

An auto dealership features several different kinds of spaces. They have the customer lounge and waiting area, offices for finance and sales, a service and work area, along with the showcase area for vehicles. The space must be maintained with attention to branding while still meeting the unique demands of each area. Line striping around the service areas is often important, while a more upscale look is necessary for customer waiting areas.

Retail Stores

Aesthetics is an important component for retail stores. It ties in directly with the brand and entices the customer to come in and shop. The area must also be comfortable and inviting to keep them shopping longer. Maintaining this area can be difficult since most retail stores have long business hours and busy times. If carpentry repairs must be made or painting done to update the space, the painting company must work around the store’s schedule to avoid interfering with traffic.

Office Spaces

Whether it’s an accounting firm, law office, or another business, office spaces require maintenance to keep them looking their best. Paints with low VOCs are essential in the closed space. A design that creates the right atmosphere is also an important consideration. These spaces may be traditional and elegant or modern and fun based on the image of the business. A professional painting company can enhance the brand while creating a clean, pleasant environment.


Many colleges and universities have been around for years, which means they have ongoing maintenance issues. There may be a need for drywall repair, window replacement, or stripping off old woodwork and replacing it with new. The space must be clean and safe for students while maintaining the proper aesthetics for the institution.

Medical Facility

Extra care must be given when maintaining a medical facility like a hospital or clinic. Aisle striping may be essential to ensure people know where to walk or for safety. Older buildings may need carpentry repairs to ensure they are safe and functional. Special products are often necessary to prevent complications for those with medical conditions or to avoid contamination with medications. Regular maintenance also prevents mold and mildew which can thrive in humid areas.

Maintenance is essential for the function and aesthetics of businesses and organizations. It’s important to hire a company that understands the specific needs of the industry. All of these commercial spaces can benefit from the professional services of Lakeside Painting.

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