8 True Facts About Working with Your Hands

Monday, November 12, 2018

A job that requires physical labor may be tiring, but it’s often rewarding. Working with your hands can give you a sense of accomplishment you won’t find in other jobs. Here are eight facts about working with your hands that you may not be aware of.

It Takes Brain Power

Whether it’s termed manual labor, physical labor, or working with your hands, many people assume this means that you don’t have to use your brain. However, all of these jobs which require you to do physical work also require you to think and use logic.

You Receive Immediate Gratification

When your job requires you to work with your hands, it means that you can see your accomplishments immediately. Whether you’re painting the exterior of a house, refinishing a commercial floor, or tackling other projects, you see the results right away. You get to enjoy a sense of accomplishment at the end of the project.

You Build a Special Skill Set

Not everyone can do the same things with their hands as you can. It takes skill to be able to do carpentry work, to make repairs, to install epoxy floors in a Milwaukee store, or to paint the trim on a historical Racine home.

You Enjoy Job Security

Since it takes special skills and you must learn these skills with your hands, you can feel confident in job security. Most people won’t know how to do the work themselves, so companies will continue to hire professionals to do the job.

It Teaches You How to Deal with Failure

When your job requires you to work with your hands, you’re never quite sure of the results. You can do the best job possible and something still won’t quite work the way you expect. You’ll have to figure out how to fix the issue to get the desired results. You learn how to deal with initial failure and how to persevere to be successful.

Every Job is Unique

When you work with your hands, you’re partnering with whatever you’re working on, whether it’s the walls of a home or the machinery in a warehouse. In each case, you learn that the item you’re working with is part of the process. No two houses are alike and no two retail spaces are identical. You are constantly developing your abilities, which gives you a sense of humility.

It Helps Reduce Stress

Doing a physical job is a great way to relieve stress. Your body releases endorphins when you do physical labor, whether that happens at the gym or in a job. Working with your hands can help you feel calmer and more capable of handling difficult situations.

It’s Rewarding

When you put all of these benefits together, you’ll discover that it’s rewarding to work with your hands. Skills that take your hands and strength are often overlooked in our society, but we couldn’t exist without them. When the day is over and you have a job well done, you’ll feel proud of what you’ve accomplished and ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

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