Apprentice Painter: Opportunities for Growth at Lakeside Painting

Thursday, June 21, 2018

You may have been painting for your friends and neighbors for years. You may even make a nice income by word of mouth referrals from your satisfied clients. However, working for a professional painting company is the best way to develop your skills and expand your opportunities if you want to make painting a career.

Expand Your Skillset

One of the best reasons to go to work for Lakeside Painting is to learn new skills. When you work for a Wisconsin painting company, you get the opportunity to take on both commercial and residential painting projects. Lakeside Painting is always expanding its customer base and tackling new areas in the industry, such as cementitious urethane floors or painting brick.

When you work for a company, they usually provide training. You get the chance to learn the latest techniques on interior and exterior painting, working with new types of surfaces or painting different items. If you work on your own, you may never get to work with certain types of customers or in specific locations. You can take these new skills that you learn and advance your career in the future.

Become a Manager

You may have goals for yourself and not want to stay “just a painter” for your entire career. That is fine. With Lakeside Painting, though, you can work your way up to project supervisor or even a manager. You’ll learn skills outside of painting that will help you in the future. For instance, you’ll learn how to organize a project, how to schedule your team and how to supervise the work. You will also become skilled at communicating with the customer, especially when there are delays or if other things go wrong.

These skills can help you as you continue your career at Lakeside Painting to get promoted. However, they will serve you in other fields if you want to switch industries some day in the future. Management experience is valuable in any industry and with any company.

Develop a Solid Reputation

As an individual painter, you must rely on customers you’ve worked with in the past to provide testimonials and referrals. You may do your own marketing, but you’ll have to work harder for those people who have never heard of you. When you work for a company that has a solid reputation in the East Troy, Milwaukee and Madison areas, you are practically guaranteed steady work.

Even though the industry is often seasonal, you can count on work throughout the year with indoor projects. Customers who can’t get appointments for indoor painting during the summer will be on the list for winter. You can easily move from part-time painter to full-time work.

Painting is often a hard way to make a living when you try to do it on your own. You may find you struggle to land clients and keep procuring a steady income. However, partnering with a company like Lakeside Painting gives you an edge as you find more opportunities for growth in this rewarding and interesting field.

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