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Bad Allergies? Try Power Washing

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Power washing makes your Wisconsin home look nice, but it has other benefits as well. One reason to consider making this a regular part of your home maintenance is to help improve your allergies. If you don’t see the connection between power washing and allergies, read on.

Clean the Exterior of the Home

Take a look at your home’s exterior if you haven’t power washed in a while. You’ll see some green stuff and maybe even some black stuff on your siding. That’s mold and mildew. It gathers there when humidity levels are high or when you get a lot of rain. Once it starts growing, it will continue to spread and worsen.

Mold isn’t the only issue with your home. When the spring and summer breezes blow in, they bring with them pollen from trees and flowers. Often, this pollen attaches to your siding and gets on the deck. You can sweep it off, but some will hide where you can’t reach.

Even when you’re inside the house, your body will feel the effects of the pollen and mold. This constant contact will cause you to suffer from allergies all summer long. Even medication may not take away all the symptoms, as your immune system must continue to fight off the effects of allergens on your house.

Why Power Washing Works

Even when you wash your siding by hand, you can’t get all the mold and other stuff off. You may try washing with a hose - while there is more pressure, it still may not be enough to get a clean exterior. Power washing is the best way to remove all that buildup, especially if it’s been years since you’ve had it cleaned.

Professional power washing uses commercial-grade equipment that is designed specifically for this task. It can be set at just the right level to remove grime without damaging your siding. An expert power washer will know what level of pressure to use based on the type of siding you use. They can advise you on proper maintenance for vinyl or wood siding. Metal siding may require a different setting as well.

How Often Should You Power Wash?

Most of the time, you should have your home and deck power washed at least once a year. However, if you suffer from severe seasonal allergies, you may want to have it done in the spring and fall. If you live among trees or get a lot of dirt, you’ll need to do it more often to prevent allergy issues.

You may want to have your deck power washed even more often, especially if you spend a lot of time outside. Otherwise, you might find that you are stuck inside to prevent your allergies from flaring up.

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If the exterior of your home looks dirty or if you’re constantly battling allergies, you may want to consider having your house power washed. Contact Lakeside Painting to find out more about power washing and to create the right schedule for your home.

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