Give Yourself Endless Options With Wallcoverings

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wallcoverings are a fast, easy, and affordable way to add your personal touch to any space. Custom designs are effective in transforming otherwise dull spaces into a space that makes a lasting impression. Let the professionals at Lakeside Painting give you endless options with wallcoverings.

Often, when people think of wallpaper, they think of unsightly and outdated kitchens with tacky fruit basket patterns adorning the walls. However, commercial wallcoverings are very versatile and can enhance the appearance of any hospital, hotel, or other commercial facility. Besides their stunning appearance, there are many advantages to installing a commercial wallcovering.

Wallcovering Benefits

1) Wallcoverings are cost effective.

A printed commercial vinyl wallcovering will cost a fraction of what you would pay if you were to have a professional painter hand paint designs onto your wall. Besides the cost, a printed wallcovering will look neater and more uniform throughout than if you were to opt for a hand painted design.

2) Wallcoverings can help promote your brand.

You can subtly advertise your business or brand by incorporating colors, logos, and slogans into your custom wallcovering.

3) Wallcoverings are long lasting.

On average, wallpaper can last up to five times as long as your standard paint job. While you may have to pay a little more up front, you will experience the savings later on down the line.

4) Wallcoverings require very little maintenance.

Unlike painted walls, which must frequently be cleaned to maintain a new and fresh appearance, wallcoverings require little to no maintenance. They are quite durable and maintain a like-new appearance years after installation.

5) Wallcoverings are available in various designs.

While great artistic detail can be accomplished with paint, it can more easily be created using a wallcovering. Standard-issue options abound, but you also have the choice of customizing your own. You can also install faux finish wallpapers as well as cotton and linen wallpapers.

6) Wallcoverings are a fast way to personalize your space.

If you have just moved into a new space, wall coverings allow you to personalize your space quickly. It’s an affordable and fast way to put your stamp on a space without necessarily having to make a long-term commitment.

7) Wallcoverings can help you highlight important areas.

Textured wallpaper makes the perfect backdrop for pieces you want to highlight or draw attention to. It also accentuates specific architectural features.

Many commercial wallcovering companies don’t have the experience that Lakeside Painting has. We have been in business for over 30 years and have ample experience helping customers select and apply their desired wallcoverings. We work with both standard-issue wallpapers as well as custom wallpapers. We also have experience installing faux finish wallpapers that mimic the look created by faux painting techniques. There are many benefits to installing wallpaper in a commercial space, the least of which is not their varied designs. Give yourself endless options with wallcoverings!

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