Graffiti Proofing Your Office Building

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

You’ve seen it on professional buildings: ugly graffiti. Graphic words and images that deter customers and present a business in a bad light. Many managers and company owners believe there isn’t much they can do to prevent graffiti artists from doing their handiwork, but there are some steps you can take to reduce the chances that your office building will be targeted.

Reduce Access to the Building

Most graffiti artists won’t bother with a building that’s difficult to get to. They look for an easy target. If you can install a fence or lock a gate, you’ll reduce the chances of your building being painted. Make sure you paint the fence, especially if you have a wooden one. Unpainted fences draw in people who want to vandalize an area with paint.

Paint the Building

Old, unpainted buildings are a prime target for graffitists. Not only are the buildings a blank canvas, it often appears that the building isn’t cared for and that any graffiti will go unnoticed. You can hire a professional Wisconsin painting company to paint the building. The painters can clean up an old building that has been graffitied in the past, using products that cover up other paint. Most graffiti artists tend to stay away from clean, maintained buildings because they don’t want to get caught for their actions. Some types of paint are easier to clean and a commercial painting company can recommend products that will reduce the work involved if your building becomes a graffiti target.

Create a Positive Visual Space

You can prevent people from putting graffiti on your office building by developing an eye-catching space. Use landscaping with plants and bushes to provide an attractive area around your building. Thorny bushes or large shrubs will deter vandals while adding natural elements to the space. Another idea is to create your own graffiti-style image through a mural. You can invite a school or other kids’ organization to decorate your building with positive images. This provides a positive experience for kids who need it and the artwork will often deter vandals from putting their own stamp on the building.

Keep the Area Clean

If you look around, you’ll notice that graffitists tend to paint older buildings, vacant spaces, and areas where the grass has grown up and the place looks unattended. You’ll make your office building less of a target if you maintain the property, even if you only use part of it. Keep the grass mown, trees and bushes trimmed, and clean out flower beds. Repair broken fences and keep litter picked up. Improve the lighting around your property, especially in the back where graffiti artists tend to do their work unnoticed. Even if you can’t afford to install a camera or other security system, you can protect your property and make it less vulnerable to vandals. Try all of these suggestions and make your building less of a target for undesirable artwork or other damage. If your office building or other commercial space needs painted to cover graffiti or to make it look nice to deter vandalism, contact Lakeside Painting for a quote. Our professional painters can get the job done.

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