Industrial Flooring Jobs: Learn Useful Skills with a Job at Lakeside Painting

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

You can learn a variety of skills when you work in industrial flooring. With a job at Lakeside Painting, you'll gain experience with businesses in various industries, such as manufacturing and food planning. These skills will help you build a solid career.

Learn About Floor Coatings

Concrete is the main foundation of most industrial businesses. Types of coating for concrete floors vary based on the industry and needs of the business. Epoxy floor coatings have been around for many years and are used in hospitals, restaurants, auto repair shops, and more. They involve multiple coatings to provide a strong layer of protection. Another option is cementitious urethane floor coating made up of cement, water, and other materials, and designed to withstand heat and chemicals. It's easy to apply and often used in the food and beverage industry.

As an industrial painter with Lakeside Painting, you'll learn how to apply both of these coatings to floors.

Flooring Repair

While concrete makes for a durable floor, it can easily crack and become damaged. Lakeside Painting provides concrete cracking and joint repair. You’ll learn about the different materials used in repair and the various techniques to get long-lasting results.

Something to consider while making these repairs is the kind of foot traffic the floor will receive. Additionally, carts and fork-lift trucks may go over the floors, which means they will need to hold up to heavy use and weight. The materials used may need to pass certain requirements, especially in the food industry.

Line Striping

Lakeside Painting does more than industrial painting. We also provide safety aisle striping for warehouse floors and other facilities. You’ll learn how to apply these markings whether by using a laser striper or painting it by hand.

Some facilities require striping when they change the design of their warehouse, while others need the stripes updated once they begin to fade. As an industrial painter, you’ll learn all about the different techniques used in this job.

Floor Polishing

Businesses want their facilities and offices to look their best and concrete floor polishing is an important part of the image for many of these places. Hospitals, restaurants, and offices may require polishing occasionally to keep the floors looking nice for customers.

Polishing a concrete floor not only improves the aesthetics but the safety for foot traffic as well. It is less slippery, which means fewer falls. It also improves the life cycle of the floor and protects it from various hazards.

Lakeside Painting is experienced in industrial painting and understands the regulations and requirements for various industries in Wisconsin. When you work as an industrial painter with this professional painting team, you'll learn advanced skills to install, repair, and maintain industrial flooring. You'll also learn how to work with different clients in various industries and how to solve problems and make the customer happy to create a longstanding relationship. Check out available jobs at the Lakeside Painting website or contact us to find out more about working with Lakeside Painting.

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