Interior Painting Ideas to Set Your Business Apart

Friday, September 28, 2018

When people visit your business, you want them to remember you after they leave. Being memorable is especially important if you are in an industry with a high level of competition. How the inside of your business looks will have a lot of impact on whether a customer remembers you and if they have positive feelings about your company. Here are a few ways to achieve this goal.

Consider Mood

Most businesses choose neutral colors for their commercial interior space because it’s traditional and expected. However, you don’t have to follow the standard for your business. Color enhances mood – and you can begin by considering the mood you want to encourage for your customers.

The right color will entice your customers to stay longer while the wrong shade will turn them away. Think about whether you want your customers to feel relaxed or energized. A restaurant may want to use bold shades of red since red is noted to increase the appetite. Blue is ideal for a space where you want someone to relax – but not just any shade of blue will do. You want a calming effect, so softer shades will be more appealing.

Go Bold

Modern commercial design no longer require you to stick with tans, whites, or browns. You can add some color to your space to create maximum impact. Try out red, blue, yellow, or even purple or orange. While these vibrant shades may not work for every business, many offices and retail stores will benefit from adding color to their design.

Even if your business is of a more traditional variety (like a financial institution or law firm), you can incorporate bright colors as accents. While you may not paint an entire room with a vivid shade, you could use it in the trim or for one wall. Think outside the box or talk to a Wisconsin painting company that can help you brainstorm fun ideas.

Follow Your Brand

Every business has its own brand and it should incorporate that branding message in every possible way. You can use your interior paint scheme to enhance your brand. Paint your logo on an accent wall or use the colors from your brand as trim or for the entire paint theme.

You may even want to paint a graphic or logo on one wall to convey a specific message. This is one way to grab your customers’ attention so they don’t soon forget their visit. Most businesses stick with basic interior design without thinking about how they can have the biggest impact. You won’t find a better surface than the walls of your business to build your brand.

Don’t let tradition determine how you paint the interior of your business. Instead, use this opportunity to stand out from the crowd and make a positive impact for your customers. Consider your office or retail space as a blank canvas that lets you send your message to customers and potential customers from the moment they walk through your door.

If you aren’t sure of the best colors for your business, talk to the experts at Lakeside Painting. They can help you design your Milwaukee or Madison business to achieve your goals.

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