Make Safety First with Line Striping

Monday, June 19, 2017

You may not notice it, but have a look around, and you will see that safety line striping is everywhere – roads, airports, parking lots, schools, and more.

Safety aisle stripes are imperative for creating safety-controlled areas. They are often used in areas where forklifts and pedestrian traffic cross. They may also be used to designate certain areas as hazardous or high-risk for injury.

Some industrial companies place stop signs and other traffic signs to keep their employees safe. Safety stripes may also be utilized to designate certain areas as the location where finished products are to be stored.

Regardless of the need, Lakeside Painting’s professional painting contractors specialize in safety aisle striping.

Prepping for the application of safety stripes

As with all things, preparation is imperative for proper execution. While it is possible to demarcate certain areas with something sprayed down, we like to do things in such a way that they will last for years to come.

That is why before applying, we often clean the surface to which the stripes will be applied. To do this, we use diamond grinders to grind down the surface. This process removes grease, oil, and other impurities from the floor. Additionally, grinding allows the epoxy coating to more readily bond with the substrate, creating a permanent or semi-permanent line.

How safety stripes are applied

Lakeside’s professional painters typically utilize an airless laser striper when applying safety lines. This attractive and cost-effective method allows us to spray a straight line. The only negative to this approach is that it can sometimes result in a “slight fuzzy edge.” Similarly, due to the airless laser striper’s sensitivity to bumps and potholes in the floor, the width dimensions of the line can also vary slightly.

For those customers requiring crisp and sharp-edged lines, we establish the lines using masking tape and hand paint the coat wherever necessary. This is an art that requires skill, patience, and efficiency.

How to ensure a long-lasting safety stripe

Applying lines to a clean and ground surface can last for more than eight years, even in harsh service areas.

Ensuring that your safety line striping has a healthy lifespan all comes down to proper housekeeping. Since the line that is applied is an epoxy coating, the same maintenance that goes into keeping an epoxy floor should be done for your safety stripe lining.

Maintenance includes sweeping floors daily as well as mopping floors two to three times a week with a light detergent. Clean all chemical, food, and liquid spills up immediately. While epoxy floor coatings are relatively resistant to abrasion, dragging items over any coating will scratch and wear it away.

The professionals at Lakeside Painting can help you create a safe working environment in any commercial or industrial setting. We proudly serve Wisconsin and select Midwest cities and would love to be a part of making your workplace a safer one. Call us today, or fill out our form to request a free estimate.

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