Safety Aisle Striping on Concrete: What Matters Most

Monday, December 18, 2017

People are a company’s most important asset, and keeping those people safe is crucial for success. Safety aisle striping is an effective way to improve safety in your facility without much effort.

At Lakeside Painting, one of our specialties is safety aisle striping. Most commonly, these applications are seen as hash marks or chevrons in high traffic areas where forklift traffic and pedestrian traffic converge. Other companies have professional painters apply stop signs and other traffic signs to the floor in order to keep their employees safe.

Lakeside’s Line Striping Process

Industrial painting contractors use various methods when applying safety lines. Our most popular and cost-effective method of application is using the airless laser striper. The laser striper is designed to apply lines in parking lots or warehouse aisles. However, this machine is very sensitive to potholes and bumps in the concrete, so you’ll want to have those taken care of before applying safety aisle striping.

Lines established with our airless laser striper tend to have a “slight, fuzzy edge,” so if you need the line to be exceptionally crisp, we can establish lines with masking tape and hand painting for an extra cost.

Proper Preparation

Like any other paint project, proper preparation is a key factor to success. Some customers want their lines to stay down for a really long time, and they are willing to pay more for it. In those instances, one of our professional interior painters will prep the floor by cleaning it of all greases and oils, grinding the surface of the floor with a diamond grinder, and establishing the lines using two coats of epoxy floor coating.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Safety Stripes

When applied to a clean and ground surface, lines can last over eight years. Ensuring that you get this kind of longevity boils down to proper housekeeping. Since safety stripes are made from epoxy coatings, the same maintenance that goes into maintaining an epoxy coating for concrete should be used on your safety aisle lines.

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