5 Signs That Concrete Polishing is the Right Flooring Option for Your Business

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Polished concrete finishes are quickly rising in popularity. Their durability, relatively simple maintenance, and beauty are earning them a spot as the preferred flooring system in commercial, industrial, and even residential settings. Are you trying to decide whether or not this high-performance floor coating is right for you?

If so, here are five signs that concrete polishing is the right flooring option for your business.

#1 Slips, trips, and falls commonly occur at your business.

Slips and falls account for the majority of work-related injuries. These issues can be exacerbated if you don’t have the right type of flooring.

If a commercial or industrial business requires slip-resistant flooring, polished concrete floors are the way to go. Even when wet, they are not slippery (that’s not to say that you should not clean up water, oil, and grease spills immediately).

To add to their slip-resistance, it is also possible to seal your polished cement floors with a sealant -containing grit additive. These additives work to increase traction without compromising the polished floor’s appearance.

#2 Your energy bill is extraordinarily high.

Now, increased energy savings should not be the only reason to consider polished concrete flooring because the savings are not that substantial, however, over the years, it can make a difference.

There is an unexpected, albeit very real, relationship between polished concrete and lighting. When we sand down and polish concrete, we can achieve a level of sheen comparable to that of marble. This shiny surface allows overhead lights to be clearly reflected, creating a brighter, crisper, cleaner, and more professional-looking environment.

#3 Your facility experiences high levels of foot and machinery traffic.

Although polished concrete finishes are very chic, they are also quite durable. This type of flooring is extremely strong and resilient and can handle heavy foot traffic and machinery. It is challenging to damage polished concrete floors and nearly impossible to chip or scratch.

#4 You’re not looking to spend a lot of money.

The cost of polishing your concrete floors varies depending on the level of complexity. For example, if you want to achieve high levels of sheen or if you want to add texture or color, the installation will cost more. If you have a pre-existing concrete slab, the job will cost less.

However, overall, most installations are quite cost-effective. Furthermore, even if you don’t see many price savings at the onset, you can rest assured that over its lifetime, you’ll rack up the savings, as the only time you’ll need to replace a polished concrete finish is if you get tired of looking at it.

#5 Your facility requires high levels of sanitation.

Polished concrete finishes are one of the easiest floors to keep clean. If properly sealed and finished, this type of flooring is almost entirely fluid -resistant. Certain coatings can provide additional waterproofing or anti-microbial protection.

Furthermore, high-quality concrete floors shouldn’t have cracks or chips that can trap bacteria and dirt. Finally, because this type of flooring is chemical-resistant, you can clean it with harsh chemicals and not worry about it becoming damaged.

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