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Sponge Blasting: The Perfect Way to Remove Old Paint

Monday, July 17, 2017

Sponge blasting is a highly effective and efficient way to remove old paint. There are various types of abrasive blasting services, but we believe sponge blasting to be the perfect way to get rid of aged and unwanted paint.

How it Works

Sponge blasting is a technique in which sponge media are propelled from a pressurized system onto a surface. “But sponges are soft and squishy,” you may be thinking. And that they are. However, sponge jet blasting incorporates abrasive particles within synthetic sponges. Upon impact, the squishy sponge flattens, exposing the abrasives. After leaving the surface at which it was blasted, the sponge media constricts and captures particles that would have, in all other instances, become airborne.

The diverse range of composites allows the sponge blasting process to be as gentle or as abrasive as need be. The synthetic sponge absorbs about 95% of the contaminants, reducing emissions into the atmosphere.

Explore the Benefits

Sponge blasting is environmentally friendly.

One of the leading manufacturers of equipment in the sponge blasting industry is Sponge-Jet. The company makes a machine known as Sponge-Jet Recyclers. This device collects and processes blasted material. It then categorizes it into one of three groups: oversized debris, reusable media, and fines (consisting of spent media and dust). The media classifier allows abrasive-impregnated sponges to be reused (typically 60 to 90 percent of sponge media is reusable after each blast cycle). This reduces the amount of waste.

Besides reducing the amount of waste, sponges absorb much of the dust and other contaminants associated with the blasting process. This leads to lower emissions, which ensures less waste and pollution. This is also an effective method for removing lead-based paints.

The process protects sensitive assets.

As mentioned before, much of the dust and contaminants are absorbed in the sponges. As such, you need not worry about expensive machinery and equipment being damaged by wayward particles. Additionally, since sponge blasting produces 98% less dust than traditional micro abrasive blasting, everyday business won’t be hindered.

Project costs are reduced.

Since the majority of sponge media are reusable with each blast cycle, professional painters save money on material costs. The savings are then passed down to the customer. Similarly, because the sponge absorbs most of the contaminants and dust from the surface that has been blasted, there is a relatively small amount of cleanup associated with this process.

Sponge blasting is an effective and efficient method of abrasive paint removal. It is environmentally sustainable, cost efficient, and requires very little prep work before or clean up after. If you have some old, dingy, and unsightly paint that you need to be removed, call the experts at Lakeside. We believe that sponge blasting is the perfect way to remove old paint, and we’re ready to remove yours.

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