Top Services We Can Provide to Busy Industries

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Busy organizations must continue to maintain their buildings inside and out while managing numerous other components of their business. While many can hire staff to handle these tasks, this option is often not cost-effective. The cost to hire and manage the team is often higher than outsourcing the work to a professional Wisconsin company that understands the needs and challenges of industrial and commercial businesses. Lakeside Painting provides numerous services for our commercial clients.

Exterior and Interior Painting

As a professional Wisconsin painting company, we offer a variety of techniques and products for exterior and interior painting of commercial and industrial spaces. We understand that a warehouse may need a different type of paint than a restaurant or hospital. However, all companies want to look their best. We can help you choose colors to complement your company theme and create a clean, modern look for your buildings.

Building Repair

Before we begin painting any structure, we will check for damage and hidden problems. Our team can repair damaged boards, rotted fascia, and other problem areas. We do tuckpointing and other repairs to prevent water from getting into your building or causing damage to the structure. We know the importance of doing things right the first time, which is why we won’t just slap a coat of paint over underlying issues. Instead, we’ll alert your maintenance manager or other personnel to the problems and suggest a satisfactory resolution.

Floor Installation and Repair

Lakeside Painting provides a full service for commercial and industrial floors. We can fix concrete joints and repair cracks to protect the integrity of the foundation. We also apply epoxy floor coatings and cementitious urethane coatings to create an attractive, durable floor that will last for years. If you need line striping and markings in the aisles, work areas, or parking lot, we can work around your schedule to create a safe space for employees, vendors, and customers.

Concrete floor polishing provides a sophisticated look while enhancing the durability of the floor. We can work around your productivity schedule to complete the work in a timely manner without disrupting the flow for longer than necessary. The amount of gloss needed is customized to your business after the initial grinding and density work is completed.

Pressure Washing

Routine maintenance will help your commercial buildings last longer. We provide commercial pressure washing to remove dust, debris, mold, and mildew, and to enhance the integrity of the paint. For companies that cannot use pressure washing, we also offer dry ice and sponge blasting. Whether you require a more precise cleaning or heavy-duty stripping, we have the equipment and knowledge to meet your needs.

If you don’t have the time or the budget to hire a full team of maintenance employees to manage your buildings, you can contract out the work to Lakeside Painting. We offer a variety of services for businesses in many different industries. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable about the different requirements and regulations within those industries. Contact us today if you want to know more about the services we provide.

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